The MIP Alumni Association, an organisation of graduates from an executive master for former international players created by UEFA, is extending its ties with FIFPRO the worldwide representative organisation for professional footballers.

At a time where the need for player-centric views in the football industry has never been greater, this partnership aims to create synergies between current and former players to provide new and innovative perspectives on the workforce priorities of players and the game’s development more broadly.

The MIP Alumni Association and FIFPRO share the same beliefs concerning the world of work of players and the collective representation of players, including a player-centric perspective on how the professional football industry can prepare for a sustainable future in a decade of unprecedented complexity and uncertainty. The extended collaboration between the MIP Alumni Association and FIFPRO highlights that players have a profound commitment and responsibility for the sustainable development of player careers and conditions.

The MIP Alumni Association and FIFPRO commit themselves to:

  • a structured dialogue between the organisations
  • an active exchange of information on issues affecting the world of work of players
  • distribution of relevant information to player networks
  • innovative project development on specific workforce priorities for players

The MIP Alumni Association said: “We are delighted to be working alongside FIFPRO. There is power in unity and we want to use that to positively influence the game. We share a vision and belief that players – current and former – can play a much more significant role in the development and running of the game. This is something we are both committed to making a reality.

“Our association of established thought-leaders in football, who have all played the game, continues to grow and we are excited about how we can help great people thrive and push our sport forward.”

“Together with the exceptional characters of the MIP Alumni Association and its network, we share the same principles concerning the world of work of players,” said FIFPRO Deputy General Secretary Simon Colosimo. “These former players have not only been outstanding professionals on the field but they also have a distinct view on the most important topics affecting national and international football, as well as a personal commitment to the working environment of the current and future generations of players. It is a pleasure to benefit even more from their insights and innovative thinking to support player careers and conditions in the next decade.”

The MIP programme was created by UEFA, supported by FIFPRO and the ECA to provide (former) international players with an opportunity to develop management skills, to help prepare them for roles at the highest levels of football administration and marketing as part of a post-playing career. The MIP Alumni Association consists of the 2017 and 2019 graduates.