About MIP Alumni

Our mission is to equip ex-professional footballers with the space and tools to give back to the game after their retirement and a springboard to begin a new chapter that informs how the sport can better serve future generations. Drawing on football’s global footprint, our alumni have the means to enact positive decision-making within the game and wider society.

Since launching the programme in 2017, MIP Alumni has continued to nurture a community of thought leaders whose talents combine an insatiable pool of expertise and experience attained during their time on the football pitch. Our aim is to offer them a platform to unlock new ideas and opportunities that will make the sport more creative, sustainable, and inclusive.

Common goals

Where do you want to be? That is the question we ask of all our graduates when joining the MIP Alumni Association. Established for former footballers by former footballers, our desire to educate, inform, and inspire future executives of the game is driven by the same goals we’ve all shared on the field of play. To learn, to improve, and to succeed.

In order to reach those heights during new careers after retirement, we must first seek to educate ourselves, build on the expertise we possess as professionals, and maintain the same level of integrity that brought us joy while playing the game. If we can do this together, we can help to steer football in a positive direction and to have an influence beyond the game.

“We’ve had so many people who have achieved so much in their chosen career of football. Now, as we transition out of that and to where you want to be, MIP Alumni offers a support system to help each other.”

Jason Roberts

MIP Alumni board member

Executive roles
National Team Caps

Executive Master for International Players By UEFA