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What is the MIP Alumni Association?

In 2015 UEFA launched the UEFA MIP programme. A Masters programme targeted at former international players with the ambition to play an active role in football outside the pitch as well. The participants of the first course decided to establish the MIP Alumni Association, to profile the programme and to support education, provide expertise, and work with integrity inside the game.

The beautiful game has the potential to bring people together, educate, and teach important life skills: respect, self-discipline, individual responsibility, team work, and perseverance. The nature of the game encourages you to create together and find new and better solutions. Football can be a great school of life.

Aims for the MIP Alumni Association

Our Purpose to inspire education and lifelong learning and promote the development of life skills through the qualities of the beautiful game of football Our Vision we envision a world where football plays an active role in developing individuals and society by supporting equal access to education Our Values education – expertise – integrity

What is central to the MIP Alumni Association?


The MIP Alumni Association promotes education, expertise and integrity as its central values.

Education is the single—most positive force for decreasing poverty and raising living standards in society. Football’s popularity and global reach are strong tools and potential game changers in promoting the need to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities.

In a complex world it takes insight to navigate. Members of the alumni have converted their experience and level of excellence on the pitch into expertise off the pitch. We value expertise in the sustainable growth of our game and our planet.

Our alumni members have all walked the talk in education and lifelong learning. Thus honouring and emphasizing our third alumni value: Integrity.

Executive roles
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Executive Master for International Players By UEFA