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UEFA MIP Masters Dissertation Abstract – Bianca Rech


Bianca Rech, Team Manager @ Bayern Munich Ladies - Abstract on Being a Gamechanger in Women's Football   Women`s football continues to grow.The report suggests organising, including and integrating women’s football in men`s professional football. A common professional structure will support the growth of women’s football. However, for women`s football to exploit untapped market, it must be done considering and respecting the peculiarities of the women’s game. Done properly it has the potentiel to strengthen the club`s image, increase the fan base, and improve social image, thus adding a second sport portfolio and possible an income generator.

UEFA MIP Masters Dissertation Abstract – Bianca Rech2019-03-08T10:34:16+00:00

UEFA MIP Masters Dissertation Abstract – Simon Rolfes


Simon Rolfes, Head of Youth Development @ Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Abstract on the 'Infrastructure Analysis of Top Clubs in Europe' for UEFA MIP Masters A talent academy is an important strategic tool in creating a quality player pipeline for the first team as well as a club identity. The report analyses the infrastructure in nine European top clubs and focuses on the three main departments, first team, youth and administration. It highlights the critical elements in establishing a successful academy.

UEFA MIP Masters Dissertation Abstract – Simon Rolfes2019-03-08T10:33:51+00:00
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